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Uber is getting a big bang for its buck

Uber is a ride-hailing company with the ability to bring cheap, reliable transportation to a city that otherwise might not be able to afford it.

Now it’s getting a huge bang for the buck by using Tableau as its database tool.

The company announced Tuesday that it has acquired a database management software startup called Tableau for $500 million.

Tableau is a powerful, enterprise-class database management system for software companies.

Uber has been using Tableaus for its own internal use.

Its acquisition will also allow the company to expand its software to other businesses.

“Our acquisition of Tableau will enable us to leverage the platform to provide more efficient and seamless data management and analytics for Uber customers,” Uber said in a statement.

“The combination of Tableaus and Uber’s own analytics tools will help us ensure that our customers’ data is as accurate as possible.”

Uber has used Tableaus to manage more than $500 billion worth of customer data since 2015, according to an analysis by Bloomberg.

Uber recently released its first full-fledged app for Tableaus.

The new Uber app, available now on Android and iOS, will have an initial version available for testing by consumers.

The company has also been developing a suite of other tools for its employees, including an in-house suite of apps, a “real-time data analytics dashboard,” and a social network.

The Uber app and other tools will be available for users of the company’s ride-sharing app.

Uber has been developing its own apps for Tableau since 2015.

After the acquisition, Uber will become the first ride-service company to use the free software.

The news comes a month after Uber acquired a similar software company called OpenTable, which was acquired by a consortium of tech companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others.

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