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How to use an app to search for local businesses

The Washington Times has partnered with the local business community to help people find local businesses that have open hours and will help them keep track of their expenses.

The app, called The Dining List, was created by local restaurant owners and is available for free to users who have registered their business to use it.

The Dinning List is based on the same concept that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media apps have been using to help locals keep tabs on their finances.

Users can search by type of restaurant, or the type of food, or even a specific city and state.

To find out what you can do to help a local business, visit the app’s website and follow the instructions.

The app was developed by the National Restaurant Association and offers some useful tips on how to save money and manage expenses.

The National Restaurant Institute provides tips on where to get your best deals on local businesses and other ways to get ahead.

The Dining LIST is available in English, Spanish, French and German.

In a press release, National Restaurant Associate Director Dan Sartor said, “The Dinninglist is a great way to get a quick snapshot of your local restaurant’s current and expected expenses and costs.

You can compare that to the costs and expenses you expect to be incurred at other local businesses.

The app also provides insights into your local economy, and helps you to understand what is being spent on marketing, sales, advertising and promotions.

It will be useful for all businesses and consumers looking to maximize their local businesses.”

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