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Live streaming software update: Download software

The software update for live streaming is live now, with the latest firmware available.

As you would expect, the update is available for free and is available via the Windows Store and the Apple App Store.

The latest firmware includes a new app called Live-streaming.

Live-stream the game, stream the match and see all the highlights of the match on the TV screen.

The app offers the option to change the colour of the highlights for the match, which can be configured in the settings menu.

Other changes include the option for the new app to automatically adjust the colour to match the TV’s colour temperature.

It also offers the ability to turn off subtitles in some cases, although you’ll have to enable them in the app to do so.

Live- stream the game in HD in some instances with the new HDTV mode.

There’s also a new option to automatically set up subtitles in the game’s options.

This is a fairly big update for the app. 

I can’t recommend it enough for any new or existing live streamer, as this is a welcome update.

If you’re looking to add Live-Streaming to your stream, the Windows 10 Live- Stream app is now available for $0.99. 

The app is free, so you can use it on a PC or Mac without a subscription. 

This will be a good app for anyone who wants to stream a game but doesn’t want to purchase the software, as it’s free. 

For more, read our live stream software review: Live- Streaming update: download software

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