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Video Editing Software Help What you need to know about Microsoft’s upcoming $100 billion acquisition of Skype

What you need to know about Microsoft’s upcoming $100 billion acquisition of Skype

Microsoft’s acquisition of video-calling software company Skype for $100bn is the latest chapter in its push to turn the once-fringe company into a dominant player in the industry.

The deal has the backing of the likes of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, former Labor Party Leader Nick Xenophon, former US President Barack Obama, former prime minister Tony Abbott’s former communications adviser Jason McCartney, and former US ambassador to Australia John Bolton.

Read moreThe acquisition comes just weeks after Microsoft said it would acquire the company’s popular Windows phone and Xbox game-streaming service, both of which are currently owned by Microsoft.

The acquisition also comes amid an escalating debate over copyright and fair use, as more and more technology companies become willing to pay up to $100m for software licences.

“Microsoft is excited to partner with Skype to deliver a comprehensive, open, and safe operating environment for our voice and video calls,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

“The Skype platform will allow us to bring a more robust, secure and reliable voice and messaging experience to Skype customers.”

Skype is the leader in voice and text messaging and the Skype platform is the backbone for our global video call service, which enables people to have a safe and secure voice call to anyone in the world.

“Skype said it was committed to working with Microsoft to provide a seamless and reliable experience for its users, including the introduction of the Skype for Business app, which allows users to create and manage call and video-call plans.

Read more”We’re looking forward to collaborating with Skype on Skype for business and hope to share more details as they become available,” it added.

Microsoft’s move to acquire Skype is the largest such deal in recent years.

In January, it agreed to buy Skype for a record $8.5bn.

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