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How to create 3D models from scratch

2d modeling is an emerging discipline, but it’s been difficult to find an authoritative reference on it.

Luckily, one such source has just launched an article to help those of us interested in the subject get started.

If you’re interested in using a 3D model to make something, this article will help you get started right away.

3D modeling software 3DMark 2017 The article in question is by a fellow 3D software guru, Mark Smith, a Senior Software Engineer at Apple.

In it, Smith talks about his experiences with 3D modelling in the field and the way he’s used 3D Studio Max and 3DBuilder.

Smith explains the three most important things you should consider when starting a 3d modelling project: “The most important factor to remember when using 3D is that you should avoid the use of overly complex, expensive or time consuming models to achieve the final product.”

He goes on to recommend a variety of free 3D programs that can be used for free. 

“To get the most out of 3D you should use software that can do all the things that you need it to do, such as: generate complex 3D shapes, generate 3D materials, manipulate 3D meshes, and manipulate 3d objects.

You can also create simple, yet effective 3D scenes and animations.”

Smith concludes by recommending the following free 3d models to get started: Geomodel:  Geomoder is an open source 3D rendering program which allows you to easily build 3D objects and then export them to a variety or arbitrary formats.

Geometry: Geomeer is a free 3ds Max plugin that allows you create geometrical shapes, and then import them into 3D.

3D Builder: 3ds Builder is a 3ds program that lets you create 3d-rendered scenes and animation.

3ds Maker: 3DS Maker is a tool that lets developers create 3ds-rendered objects and animations.

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