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What you need to know about a Razer keyboard and mouse

By Brian Hana/Bloomberg | 09 Feb 2016 10:57:58A new Razer product may be coming, but for now, the company’s not making it available for sale.

Razer CEO Michael Pachter told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that the company is focusing on bringing back a product that he called a “serious competitor” to Microsoft’s Surface Book.

“I don’t want to say Razer is making a comeback.

Razer is a serious competitor, and the Surface Book is a very serious competitor,” Pachters said.

“They are a big company with a very big business.”

“I think that’s a really interesting time for us,” he added.

The Surface Book, which launched earlier this year, has become a key consumer demand for both PCs and laptops.

Razer, which makes the companys signature gaming mouse, is working on a new model with a new processor, a keyboard and other hardware that is expected to ship later this year.

While the Surface Pro 4 will continue to ship as a full-fledged laptop, Razer has said it wants to bring a smaller laptop-focused version to market.

It will be made by a company called Razer Blade, which is still under contract with Dell and will be called the Blade Pro.

The company is also working on some software updates that it said will add support for the new Razer keyboard.

The new Blade Pro will feature a 3.5-inch, 1,366 x 768 resolution display and be priced at $1,299.

Razer’s current Blade Pro is priced at about $1.6 million.

The Blade Pro isn’t the only new Razer products coming to market this year and in 2019.

Razer announced that it will make a tablet version of the company�s Blade laptop and will launch a gaming mouse at the end of March.

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