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Video Editing Software Frontend When Google wants to change the way you use your phone, you can already do it with software company Hammer Software

When Google wants to change the way you use your phone, you can already do it with software company Hammer Software

In a move to make its own hardware, Google announced it was creating a hardware and software company called Hammer Software, to compete with hardware companies like Samsung and HTC.

The company plans to sell its hardware-focused software products, and will create an open platform to support developers and consumers.

Hammer is also working with a range of other startups including Oculus VR and 3D Robotics to create products that can run on Google’s hardware, like Project Glass. 

As we’ve noted before, Google has been aggressively acquiring hardware companies in recent years. 

In April, the company purchased a majority stake in Google-owned hardware startup Waze for $2 billion, a move that was largely seen as a bid to acquire some of the most popular and popular Android phones. 

Google has also been making moves to buy some hardware companies to help boost its own ecosystem.

Last year, Google bought Pebble, a smartwatch manufacturer, for $1.2 billion. 

Earlier this month, Google acquired a smartphone maker called TCL for $600 million.

Google also recently acquired a company called Leap Motion for $5 billion.

These acquisitions, along with the acquisition of Android, have allowed Google to make hardware more accessible to more users.

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