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What to expect from the next batch of Windows 10 software updates

With the next round of updates, Microsoft is hoping to make Windows 10 more secure and more easily manage the data it collects on users.

Windows 10 is being updated for the first time in five years, and with it comes some of the biggest changes to the operating system yet.

A new version of the operating process called Windows Defender is being rolled out with a new feature called Windows Firewall.

This will block a lot of the common malware that is found on computers.

The new version also includes a new version called Windows Privacy Guard, which blocks unwanted apps and data from running.

The update is scheduled to go live on October 19, and it will include the following changes: Windows Defender: The most recent update from Microsoft has a new way to protect your PC from malware, known as Windows Defender.

It will block malware that you install on your PC by default and block it from downloading or copying data from other devices.

This will also include the new Windows Privacy Guards which will block unwanted apps from running, and will block data sharing from other apps.

Windows Firewall: This update also blocks all known malware and adware, including malicious software, from running on your device.

Microsoft has been slowly rolling out the new update, and while you won’t see this new version in your system tray right away, you’ll be able to get it when you install it.

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