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Microsoft software developer earns $16.1M

Microsoft software developers with more than three years of experience are on the lookout for a new job, and they’re looking for it in the form of a salary, according to a new report from the consulting firm HP.

Microsoft Software Developers are in high demand, said the report, which analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Statistics.

The report found that the median salary for software developers was $16,700, which is about $9,200 less than the median income for all job seekers.

Microsoft has seen a lot of growth in the software industry over the past decade.

HP said it found software developers who made an average salary of $21,000 in 2016, up from $19,000 two years earlier.

They’re looking to move up to the $24,000 to $27,000 range, the report found.

HP also said that software developers have a better chance of getting a raise if they’re a full-time employee than if they work in software development as contractors.

The report found a strong correlation between the number of years in software code and the median employee salary.

For example, software developers are more likely to earn a higher salary if they’ve been working for a full year, the study found.

The data also shows that software engineers earn higher salaries than their software peers.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports median salaries for software engineers are $32,100.

That number jumps to $39,600 for software designers, and to $42,700 for software testers, the agency said.

The highest-paying software positions are for software project managers, software development executives, and software engineering analysts, according the BIS.

Microsoft is in the midst of a massive software overhaul to its product and infrastructure.

That’s the biggest change Microsoft has made since becoming a software company in 1998.

That move has made it the most sought-after software company for talent in the world.

Microsoft recently hired a team of more than 10,000 software engineers and managers, the company said, and will hire more as it goes forward.

It also announced that it will hire 100,000 developers this year.

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