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How to use a remote wipe to fix an Android bug

By default, Android’s settings screen can’t be modified, but there’s a handy way to fix it.

If you use the device’s settings to make changes, you can disable it by turning on a feature called Remote Wipe.

This will remove the last two settings you set on your device—the lock screen and the lockscreen.

If they aren’t set to turn off, they’ll be removed from your device.

If your device has an option to set a new lock screen, you’ll see that option as a shortcut to the remote wipe button.

Once you’ve enabled Remote Wiping, you’re ready to get to the important parts of the Android Settings app.

You can access the “Security” section of the app by navigating to Settings > Security > Security & Privacy.

From here, you may need to select a “permission to change” checkbox.

Once that’s checked, your device’s security settings will be wiped out.

You’ll see a warning about the process.

Once the wipe has completed, you should see your settings back.

Here’s how to disable Remote Wipes on your Android device:Open Settings > General > Security.

Click on “Security & Privacy.”

Click on the “Permission to Change” check box.

Then tap “OK.”

Now that you’ve disabled Remote Wips, you need to restart your device to apply the new settings.

This can take a while, so be patient if the process takes more than a few minutes.

If you have any questions about Remote Wiped settings, let us know in the comments below.

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