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Why you should be reading more books than you think

You might think that if you’re reading a lot of books, you’d be better at reading them.

But according to a new survey from the US publisher The Bookseller, it turns out that you’re just as likely to waste time with bad books as you are with good ones.

The survey found that the average reader has a reading comprehension problem that can cause her to read more bad books than good ones, with one in three saying they were unable to finish the book they’d started.

The problem isn’t limited to the UK.

In Australia, a similar survey found a similar result, with readers of books about women having a reading difficulty problem.

The researchers behind the survey said that it was time for a new era in reading.

“As books become more and more widely available, readers want to know if they can get books that match their reading needs,” said James O’Brien, the chief executive of The Booksellers UK.

“We believe that a great way to meet this demand is to give our readers access to more books.”

The survey surveyed more than 3,500 readers across the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Portugal and the US.

The average age of the readers was 25 and the average reading speed was 40 minutes.

But readers in France and Spain were more likely to be struggling with reading comprehension than readers in the UK and US.

French readers were more than twice as likely as English readers to struggle with comprehension, and French readers also had a reading speed problem.

Meanwhile, the US readers had the least reading comprehension problems, and Spanish readers had a problem with reading speed.

When it came to choosing the best books for you, The Book Seller said that you’d have to be a bit creative, because the best reads were all in one genre.

“You can be an avid reader of the latest bestsellers in a genre you like, or a reader who loves books about the most recent literary trend in a specific period,” it said.

“However, you can also read novels, memoirs, non-fiction and children’s books in a more casual way, if that’s more your style.”

It said you should also be prepared to read some books in different genres if that suits you.

For example, if you read a lot about the American Civil War or women’s suffrage, you might be more likely than a Brit to like American memoirs.

“The best books to read when it comes to reading comprehension are the books about historical events, the books that deal with politics, or the books written in the past,” the survey found.

“If you enjoy reading non-western books, for example, you may enjoy these books a lot more.”

But while the study suggested that reading comprehension could be a factor for the UK readers, it did say that a number of the UK’s authors did have problems with reading.

One author, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Book Sellers that he had trouble understanding a number “of words”, including “sad”, “fucking”, and “stupid”.

The survey also found that a good percentage of the people surveyed were struggling to keep up with the pace of reading.

When asked to estimate their reading speed, a lot said they could only read about 30 minutes per book, with the average time needed being 10 minutes.

“In addition to the obvious difficulty of reading and understanding words in a text, it’s also difficult to read a text when it’s being read by people who aren’t paying attention,” it added.

“For example, when reading a book about the death penalty, people will often miss words like ‘excessive’, ‘cruel’, and ‘gross’, which is the equivalent of ‘inappropriate’.” It also revealed that many people were having trouble reading their books in English, even if they were in English at the time.

In fact, one in four people surveyed said they couldn’t read a book in English if they’d been born in the same country as the author.

The authors behind the book, the authors of The Storyteller, said that the survey showed that “books need to change”.

They added that they believe that “it’s time for books to become more relevant”.

“This survey provides a glimpse of what the future may hold,” the authors wrote in a statement.

“Whether it’s a new genre of fiction, a new novel, or an original work, we hope that readers will be inspired to become better readers.”

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