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How to stop Google from using your Gmail email address to target ads in Gmail

By Kyle Cheney | 12.09.2018 06:31:11Google is using the email address of one of its biggest advertisers to target ad-targeting ads, according to documents obtained by POLITICO.

In a letter obtained by the site, Google said it has been using the Gmail address of AdWords, a leading ad network, to target advertisements on its site.

Google did not disclose how much it pays AdWords for the targeted ads.

Google said it is working with AdWords to identify “malware” that could be used to target AdWords ads against its sites.

It said it does not have access to AdWords data, but that it can determine the IP addresses that Google has been targeting its ads against.

The email address for AdWords was not listed on the company’s site for more than a year, until late February.

But in March, the company said it had “received several reports” that “malicious users” had been trying to “influence” AdWords accounts by sending “phishing emails” to the AdWords email address.

Google said the emails were from “the Russian government” and that it is “looking into” the reports.

AdWords, which is based in California, is the biggest email-based ad network in the United States.

Google has long used AdWords in other ways, including as a payment processor for its services, such as Google Maps, Google Cloud Platform, Google Calendar, and Gmail.

The Gmail address is different from the email addresses used by other Google ad products.

Google’s Chrome browser includes a feature called AdWords that allows users to use Google-generated email addresses to send emails to advertisers.

Google does not disclose the IP address of the Gmail addresses used to send such emails.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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